Sales, Solve & Seize

Sales, Solve & Seize

The business world we sell into is changing radically and this needs a new sales approach.  There are great disciplines and approaches developed and used over the years but they need to be applied in different ways.

Buyers inhabit a VUCA world.  It’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Buyers are looking for providers and partners who can help them navigate this new world.  Pushing product into this complexity will not work.  But just asking the old consultative selling questions is probably not enough when customers are uncertain about what both questions and the answers should be.  Sellers need to apply their skills differently.

It looks like low/zero growth is going to be with us for some time.  How do we unlock organic growth when markets are not growing?

Customers, regulators and successful competitors ae=re all emphasizing the need for customer centricity.  But what does an active, customer-centric growth plan look like.  It’s got to be more than waiting for the customer to come to you with a fully-formed request.  It’s got to be more than just asking questions and proffering the same old solution.

But it’s not all about solving sales problems.  There are sales opportunities to seize.  The competitive landscape keeps changing – since the year 2000 over half the Fortune 500 companies have merged, been acquired or gone out of business.  New channels, changing demographics, innovation all present tremendous sales opportunities.

So if you are facing sales problems or looking to seize sales opportunities please talk to us at C3:

The areas where we have proven, results-changing expertise include:

Growing existing client relationships through cross-selling and up-selling.  Applying the different resources and capabilities of your business to develop and keep clients.

Winning new clients. In a low growth world, sustainable sales success means taking market share from competitors and that means winning new business.  It needs to be done in a way that prospects will welcome and that does not erode profits.

Making the deal work from enquiry to execution.  (Deal qualification, deal management, pitching, negotiation – all done in a way that delivers a positive customer experience)

Moving from a product-centric to a customer-centric sales process.  The skills, processes and attitudes needed for hi-growth, customer-centric selling.

Managing strategic accounts.  With two decades of experience in this complex field and drawing on strong relationships with academic bodies and professional groups, the C3 team can add real value to the way you build, grow and retain your most significant business relationships whether nationally, internationally or globally.

Using social selling to win and grow business.

In all these areas C3 has the proven expertise, relationships and resources to work with you through:

Sales coaching

Sales management coaching


Blended learning

Implementation projects


We are able to work flexibly and efficiently, often sharing risk and reward with you so speak to us on +44 7712 588757 or at or just click here to contact us.