Buyer Behaviour Breakthroughs

Buyer Behaviour Breakthroughs

If buying behaviours are changing then sales behaviours need to change too.  Part of this involves using social media as a sales tool for both new business and existing customers.  C3 Advisory provides leading edge training and advice in this critically important area.

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The impact of improving social selling can be dramatic:  According to LinkedIn data:

Social Selling leaders generate 45% more leads than their peers with lower Social Selling Index (SSI).

They are 51% more likely to reach quota.

78% of leading social sellers outsell their peers with low SSI.

(in a box ?:  If you want to check out your own SSI click here:

We have partnered with Execus (link to and to partners page.) to bring the best social selling resources to you.  Execus are one of only three companies in the world who are official LinkedIn Sales Solutions Approved Training Partners.  Richard Higham is one of only a handful of UK facilitators who have been approved through the LinkedIn Instruct programme (Dublin November 2015).

Our services to help you succeed with social selling:

Social Selling: Identifying and opening up opportunities.

Social Selling: From contact to contract

Social Selling: Growing strategic relationships

Consultancy on integrating social selling into marketing and sales processes.

1 day workshops run as open sessions in central London and in Scotland (will want to be able to promote individual events via Eventbrite)

Bespoke workshops on the three aspects of social selling

Individual and team coaching to increase social selling effectiveness.

For more information on how the team at C3Advisory can help you succeed with social selling, please contact us at  or click here to use our form.